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Planet Sudoku is a web application that features many types and difficulty levels of Sudoku. There are many different types of Sudoku but the most common is the 9x9 square. Planet Sudoku offers Sudoku 4x4, Sudoku 6x6, Sudoku 8x8, Sudoku 9x9, Sudoku 12x12, Sudoku 16x16, Sudoku 20x20, Sudoku 25x25, Sudoku Multi 2, Sudoku Multi 4, and Sudoku Samurai

Since Planet Sudoku offers difficulties from Very Easy, Easy, Medium, to Hard. Kids, families, and adults can all enjoy the brain challenging entertainment of Sudoku at Planet Sudoku.

To learn more about Sudoku and how to solve, please visit the How do you Sudoku section.

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