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Sudoku How To Technique: Pointing Pair And Triple

This Sudoku solving technique really isn’t that hard once you know what you are looking for. The concept is “I have two or three unique HINTS within a shared box, sharing the same ROW or COLUMN. Therefore that hint cannot belong anywhere else on that ROW or COLUMN in any other BOXES”. Take a look CELLS R1C1 and R3C1. They both contain the HINT {5} on COLUMN C1 (nowhere else in BOX 1 there is a 5). With this knowledge we know that the HINT {5} has to be VALID somewhere in BOX 1, allowing us to remove HINT {5} from R7C1.

This solving method has been categorized as Hard Sudoku. Try this and other Hard Sudoku solving methods.
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Puzzle Number: 1011509
Found Cell and Hints: s1r1c1 5; s1r3c1 5;
Removing Hints: s1r7c1 5;

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